April 22
Abbé Libansky: The Sound of the Written Word - Voices of Prague´s German Literature. Installation

Kinský Palace, underground premises, Staroměstské Square 3, Prague 1
Prepared by the Prague Literary House of German-writing Authors. This audio installation offers recordings presenting the circle of Prague German-writing authors and their works. It is supplemented with a display devoted to Jorge Luis Borges.
Open until May 23, 2008.
April 23
Jack Vanarsky: “Kafka´s Room“. Exhibition

Small exhibition hall of the Kampa Museum, U Sovových mlýnů 2, Prague 1
Installation of Argentine sculptor living and working in Paris.
Exhibition will last until May 1, 2008.
April 29
Ivan Prokop: Nine Jewish Journeys -- Visiting Historical Monuments in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Exhibition

6.00 p.m. Educational and Cultural Center of the Jewish Museum in Prague, Maiselova Street 15, Prague 1
Opening day of a photographic exhibition from a book of the same name to be issued by Paseka Publishers. Excerpts read by the author of the texts Jiřina Chrastilová, introduced by Ladislav Horáček.
Exhibition will last until June 12, 2008.
May 6
“Kafka and Borges in Pilsen“. Exhibition

4.00 p.m. České centrum (Czech Center) in Prague, Rytířská Street 31, Prague 1
Opening day of an exhibition of posters designed by West Bohemian University students from František Steker´s studio: namely Jan Dienstbier, Eva Hudečková, Andrea Michálková, Veronika Pešková and Petra Stránská. Prepared by Zdeněk Ziegler.
Exhibition will last until May 25, 2008.

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